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S&T offers a personalised, professional cloud accounting service for small and medium size businesses and charities that is quick, simple and tailored to your needs.

What we Do

S&T is geared to offer bookkeeping services to businesses, charities, sole traders and partnerships, including:

  • Cloud Based ledger (Xero or QuickBooks), so that you can have access to your records 24/07
  • Issue invoices
  • Maintain records for payroll
  • Maintain records for VAT returns
  • Record invoices from suppliers
  • Bank balance reconciliation
  • Credit control and billing

Accounting Services

We offer the full suite of accounting services to startups and SME’s, including:

  • Statutory Accounts
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Annual Confirmation Statement
  • VAT Returns
  • CIS Administration

If you’re your business requires accounts to be prepared for statutory audit, our affiliate practice, Shubraka Opportunities Limited, can undertake this Engagement.

Payroll Services

We can undertake payroll submissions for PAYE, through RTI as well as support the requirements of your private pension fund such as a SIPP or a SSAS.

S&T CFO Functionality

A CFO function concentrates on Management Accounts, budgeting and performance monitoring within the business, as well as liaising with external accountants to support the production of statutory accounts.

Quite often, businesses struggle to find the resources and right level of skill to form a fully fledged CFO function at a sustainable cost. These challenges limit performance and growth potential, adding more uncertainty and pressure on management.

S&T delivers services which enable growing businesses to benefit from a fully outsourced CFO function.

Wholesale Bookkeeping Services

We understand the need of small bookkeeping practices first hand! Trivial matters can cause disruption, from IT issues to maternity cover, or even the unexpected work inflow from a large project.

S&T can undertake wholesale support of Engagements that require specialist skill and experience, which can be in short supply.

Wholesale Accounting Services

Smaller accounting practices, particularly in rural areas enjoy an environment of low competition and long-lasting client relationships. This, however, comes with occasional shortages in talent.

S&T can undertake wholesale support of Engagements that require specialist skill and experience, which can be in short supply.

Administration Outsourcing

Our S&T outsourcing team is complete with experienced resourcing professionals who will carefully analyse your resourcing requirement and work with you to plan the best way to cost-effectively meet the needs of your business with low risk. We work efficiently and with our clients in order to develop fully-branded, innovative productions and distribution solutions.

Through our experience of working with clients, we have an extensive knowledge of how to find you the perfect business team who will have your interests and goals at the heart of everything they do.

CFO Function Outsourcing

A CFO is responsible for managing the financial activities of a company and will also assess the financial risks of certain transactions, make of short and long term investments, develop a strategic plan in order to achieve a business’ goals. Evidently a CFO plays a vital role in a business and is responsible for many contributing factors to its success, which is why we are proud that our highly skilled CFO team can effectively help grow your business.

Give your business the best chance at success by allocating a CFO who has the time and expertise to grow your business while you have more time to manage other areas.To remain a competitive presence in the online market, you require a team of individuals, those in the case of the CFO who are able to analyse your data and present you with an on-going marketing plan to succeed.

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